Dienstag, 15. April 2014

internet killed the radio star

and this is why, because it’s better than radio, since I myself can decide what to hear and play and still get surprised by new music. Because behind most of the musical sites are seriuous music lover and journalists. Here are some sites I visit a lot and can spend hours on exploring those and also get free legal downloads of great music and therefore took quite some hours away from radio in my livingroom.
It started of  for me ofcourse with MySpace Music. Still great, because you can listen streaming to almost every artists in this world before buying an Album , just let the player run, if you can’t get enough of it or want to hear it in better quality, than simply buy the CD in your local record store or your favorite internet store. But, you have to explore mainly by yourself or already know the artist.
Than jn Facebook this app came up, music iLike. They put together a lot of best of lists, including garageband, therefore quite some free downloadable music from rather unknown artists. Artists are linked by related tags.  They also offer a sidebar for iTunes and Mediaplayer which gives you the possibility to hear and download the songs directly within your player. Í did already download some real nice music: monkeybacon, if:then:goto, This is Magdalene, Mercir, Sanagi, the Cheat… I like iLike!
Than I found this one: betterPropaganda It’s a online music magazine with loads of mp3 to download from known and rather unknown artists: calexico, the black heart procession, charlotte gainsbourg, air, the arcade fire, mark lanegan, elbow, bright eyes … great I love this one!
Not the last and definitely not the least 3voor12 !! Not just for dutch! It’s great to explore new artists! The online magazine version of the dutch radio programm 3voor12 . A lot of streaming full length music, but also live footage video from concerts.
I did already order about 4 Cds last month after listnening intensly to the artists online, so here you go music industry: release the music online for free (streaming and/or downloadable) and people will buy the music also. I think Radiohead proved it with their latest album also.
Anyone else? Just post your favorites down here as comments, thanx!

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  1.   burkay Says:
    Another Blog on this theme:
  2.   burkay Says:
    Here’s another great site with tons of music downloadable and streaming, fully legal and also in lossless quality:

    Okt. 2011:
    Ofcourse in the meantime a lot of new services are available. One I use a lot is Soundcloud
  3.  April 2014: .... and it goes on: Spotify and other streaming services.... now also Qobuz
  4. An index on Lossless High Resolution downloads can be found here: http://music.burkay.at